Marie is the French PEC’s manager, English & Western rider, is helping Anais to train young horses and organise all the lessons.
She spends a lot of time in advertising to offer all disciplines to the riders: horse riding, carriage driving, groundwork, holidays camp with a lot of activities, level certificate.
Her husband Alain, is helping her in all the maintenance and paperwork.


Anais is the French coach in Working Holidays, level 2 FEI, she teaches dressage, jumping.
« My name is Anais, I am 20 years old, I have been a French coach for 3 years. I started to ride at 10 in Guadeloupe, my home island. I am an eventing show rider specialized in young horse work. My trainers & my riders describe me as very friendly, pedagogue & dynamic. Whatever your level, it would be a real pleasure for me to share my passion with you or your kids.»


Lucie, a French girl, is in Working Holidays at PEC, she cares horses & is helping for the maintenance! She was not a rider but she started to ride at PEC on X-Claim!


Donovan, a Caledonian boy, is on holidays at home to learn English. He feeds & cares horses. He loves to drive the tractor…