Have a good time with your pony and learn to care for him

During holidays, your children can enjoy 2 rides per day and a lot of activities with horses such as:

  • Feeding
  • Riding
  • Grooming caring
  • Ground work
  • Swimming pool training for horses
  • French level up following the «canter level» theory and practice

During the holiday, we offer « canter level » to learn theory and practice regarding the horse world (same French level).

We offer packages from 1 to 3 days, from 9am to 4pm. You bring your own lunch box, French homemade dessert included!

From 7 years old – all level


1 day

Full day $170

2 days

Full days $320

3 days

Full days $450

Next school holidays 2021

  • Tuesday 13/04 to Thursday 15/04 (3 days) Easter Art & crafts
  • Tuesday 29/06 to Thursday 01/07 (3 days) Canter certificate optional (if the riders want)
  • Tuesday 21/09 to Thursday 23/09 (3 days) Canter certificate optional (if the riders want)
  • Tuesday 14/12 to Thursday 16/12 (3 days) Christmas Art & crafts
January 2022:
  • Update in November 2021


Please contact us if you would like to find out more about our Holiday camps. Contact us by email at palomaequestriancentre@gmail.com or using this online form.