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PEC Qsec Show

Lovely day saturday at QSEC’s Horse Home Show.
Many thanks to the QSEC organization, all the exhibitors and visitors !
We enjoyed to see Ian Francis and many others famous riders…..
We hope to meet again all the riders interested


QSEC’s fourth annual Horse Home Show it’s tomorrow!!
Come to meet us on our stand. Free drawing to win a lesson or a trail at #PEC.
We’re waiting for you 

Horse Week in Nouméa

PEC team will be present for the Horse Week in Nouméa the wednesday 18th & Friday 20th October. It will be the opportunity to introduce our equestrian centre, our activities (youth camp, canters…) and facilities.
Come & meet Audrey, our


XClaim is a new Connemara Bay pony, 3 years old, coming to PEC.
We ride him every day for the Pony club ! He is ready for the kids !!!

September Youth Camp

We are so proud of Tameya on Dakota & Rebecca on Darby, jumping lesson on holidays Youth camp. You couldn’t stop so happy they were ….



Voyager is a new Connemara Bay pony, 5 years old, coming to Paloma Equestrian Centre.
We ride him every day for the Pony club! He will be ready soon for the kids!

Welcome to X-Claim, Voyager & X-Qute!

Paloma Equestrian Centre bought 3 Connemara ponies to further improve the quality of school ponies. They are known for their athleticism, versatility and good disposition.
X-Claim, Voyager & X-Qute came from Gold Coast Equestrian Centre. They are in a big

Youth Clinic 2017

Paloma Equestrian Centre enjoyed to organize YOUTH CAMP with some lovely kids riding ponies or horses, in the arena or on the trail.
Activity also proposed every Saturday morning for an exploration (grooming, caring, riding lesson 30min on a pony).

Dolly & Olivia

Burpengary Dressage Show for Dolly & Olivia : Test Prep A 1st place with a 64.73% and Prep D 1st place with a 66.05%.
Congrats Dolly & Olivia !!!! We are very proud of them !
Dolly is for sale,

Horses for sale

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